Healthy Food Options

It’s been a nonstop cycle since the beginning of this pandemic. Getting back to a healthy diet.

A lot of snakes and cookies. What are you finding is the is challenge, the biggest thing people are doing wrong in terms of their nutrition right now. That’s a tough question. And there are so many and you have mentioned them.

Let me start off with the sugar. We are all eating too much. With or without a pandemic americans are eating too much. Sugar raises blood glucose levels and brings it down and we reach for more and we are in this up and down and hard to focus and concentrate and it adds weight. It’s just empty calories.

So here is something that just started last year. Here is a line for added sugar. I was looking at my jar of salsa . It’s got two grams of extra sugar. If you want something sweet start out and has some fruit.

Plums, peaches, nectarines. Summer is the time but try to get the sugar down a little bit . The other thing is you said, we are doing what we call a lot of mindless eating.

We are bored and worried and stressed. All of these are legitimate. Try to put more protein into those snacks. Here is the deal. Protein makes you feel longer.


It improves your focus and concentration. Well. Another sign of the pandemic there. The protein snacks keep you satiated longer. Go back to the protein quickly.

How does it make us feel more full? That is one of the advantages of protein. We feel fuller longer and we have better focus and concentration. We want with protein for snacks so we don’t overeat and make poor food choices. See the bottles of water there.

It’s 175 degrees here. We often mistake dehydration for hunger.

When i tell my weight management crews we are going to grab a snack, have a glass of water first. We need 9-13 glasses of water. Have a glass of water every hour.

And alcohol is one of the things that dehydrates us. Alcohol consumption is up 27% since the start of the pandemic . It’s a humid temperature and humidity is high temperature like cody was just talking about . They increase the need for water. I want to talk about sugar.

Sugar from fruit not the same as sugar additives. No it is not. It is a natural sugar. It does not boost glucose levels in the same way. Fruit contains fiber which we need and vitamins, and minerals and there are so many benefits.

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